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Outsourced Design (OD)

Concept → Design → Integration → Prototype

Service Details

If a client has a fully defined specification, a conceptual idea or anything in between, we support the client through the entire production development cycle providing both hardware and software designs and protos.


We assess a client's design, prototyping and/or mass production release technical deliverable needs, draft a project scope sheet and proposal for the client's sign off. Once approved we then assign our team to execute the work.


If the client only needs design work, our team can execute the work remotely with the needed design reviews, milestone checkpoints, etc. with the client.

If the client needs both design and prototypes, our team typically executes the work from an RLA office with onsite visits with the client at RLA and/or at the client's facility.


Dependent on the client's needs.


We provide two dedicated managers per client account.

- Account Manager: Responsible for overall B2B performance, contracts and escalations.

- Project Manager: Responsible for the day-to-day deliverables managing against the project schedule and budget.


We negotiate a fixed cost budget with each proposal.

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